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A group for professionals with a shared interest in improving hearing services for adults with learning disabilities

About Us

The Hearing and Learning Disabilities Special Interest Group was founded over 20 years ago. The group has adapted and evolved over this time. What hasn’t changed however, is our passion and determination to improve services for people with learning disabilities..

Most of us joined HaLD in order to find others interested in hearing loss and people with learning disabilities, to share ideas and learn from each other. We know first-hand the difference that we can make to the lives of people with learning disabilities and hearing loss. Despite this, Audiology service provision for adults with learning disabilities varies around the UK and awareness is limited. This is one of the reasons why HaLD exists; to raise awareness and encourage further improvement in how we deliver services.

The vast majority of HaLD members are from the Audiology profession, who contribute to the group in their spare time. We are self funded. We are not a business or a charity, and we achieve our goals through the work of a voluntary committee. We welcome any contribution (donation or sponsorship) to help cover the costs of hosting our website and future meetings. Please see the "Get involved" section for details.


Our aim:

To improve Audiology services for adults with hearing loss and learning disabilities, by creating a network of professionals to raise awareness and share best practice.


How can we achieve this?

As a national group, we want HaLD to be a collective voice for raising awareness and improving Audiology services. However, local initiatives are just as important. We want to encourage local communication within communities, so we can all improve our services. Whether you work in a department with an established services for people with learning disabilities, or whether you are new to the field and are looking to link in with others, HaLD is the group for you. We have lots of ideas and projects, so we are always on the look-out for more volunteers to join us.

Meet the HaLD Committee


Colin Beard


Lynzee McShea

Chris 120

Chris Corkish



BJ Martin

We hope you find our website useful and encourage you to get involved!

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