Hearing and Learning Disabilities (HaLD)

Who we are:

The Special interest Group (SIG) for professionals and carers concerned with people with learning disabilities (PwLD) and hearing problems.

Why we exist:

We all work with people with learning disabilities. We come from a variety of professional backgrounds including, Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology, Hearing Therapy, Audiological Medicine, Community nursing and Social Care. Most of us work in the NHS –  and all of us are concerned about the large numbers of PwLDs who have hearing problems but do not receive a proper diagnosis and the many who do get assessed but do not receive adequate support to enable them to cope with their hearing loss.

This Special Interest Group was formed to enable us to support and learn from each other thereby improving hearing services for PwLD across the NHS.

About this website:

Hearing loss and learning disability – need not be a double disadvantage.
Almost 40% of adults with a learning disability will have a hearing loss yet for many people the loss will not be diagnosed because their audiology services are not accessible to them. For many, the loss will be identified but the support they receive will not be adequate for them to benefit from a hearing aid. The consequences can be a double disadvantage, their learning disability precludes them from receiving adequate support for their hearing problem and the failure to address their hearing loss will in turn exacerbate the effects of their learning disability.

This site does not claim to provide all of the answers – It aims to provide a forum for carers and professionals to share ideas, information and queries in a bid to improve services for all people with learning disabilities who have difficulty hearing.

The success of the site depends on all who use it. It has been constructed as an interactive site to enable all users to post queries and responses, upload resources from the site, and download your own resources for others to share.

The Special Interest Group who have developed this site do not necessarily endorse the views of all contributors. We will however, attempt to moderate the entries where possible.