BAA Conference Presentation and links to resources

BAA Conference Presentation and links to resources

Here are links to useful resources mentioned in our presentation:


Learning Disabilities Observatory: People with learning disabilities in England 2015:Main report


NHS Scotland Audiology Sevices Modernisation: Guidelines for meeting audiological needs of adults with learning disabilities


Equal Access? A practical guide for the NHS: creating a single Equality Scheme that includes improving access for people with learning disabilities


Confidential Inquiry into premature deaths of people with learning disabilities (CIPOLD)


The Incidence and Importance of Hearing Loss in People with Severe Learning Disability: The Evolution of a Service


Accessible Information Standard


DH Making written information easy to understand for people with learning disabilities. Guidance for people who commission or produce Easy Read information - Revised Edition 2010


Your Guide to Communicating with People with a Learning Disability


Raising our sights: Services for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities


Communication and people with the most complex need: What works and why this is essential