Do you want to help?

Could you get involved and help us? As well as recruiting some committee members, we are also interested in getting more of members involved in projects within HaLD. We are building a network of regional representatives – HaLD members who are local to you and can offer support and advice. We are still looking for members to become reps in Scotland, Yorkshire and the Midlands – if you are a professional working in these areas and have a little bit of time to spare, please get in touch!

As well as regional representatives, we have a couple of other working groups in HaLD. We have an electrophysiology group, led by past-Chair Siobhan Brennan, looking at peer review of adult electrophysiology such as ABR and CERA. If you are interested in becoming involved, do let us know.

Also we have a group of several members who are assisting our Communications Rep Colin Beard, in designing some easy-read, informative resources about hearing loss, having a hearing test, visiting hospital etc. The list is endless! If you have any suggestions of resources you would like to see, or if you have any to share, do get in touch with us.