Easy read reports, Glasgow

In Glasgow we provide 2 types of easy read reports:

  1. Easy read report Glasgow- my hearing
    To report on the results of the hearing assessment. Using this format we shade shade in the area that the person will find difficult to hear (from an audiogram). This provides information about hearing to both client and carers.
  2. Easy read report Glasgow – what happenedThis report format is for follow up appointments. I use a pre-formatted report sheet onto which I put the relevant category of labels for clinic visit such as ” I had a hearing test”, “come back to fit hearing aid” etc.

This method of using sticky labels has the following advantages:

  • You can provide the person with an instant report. This also provides the opportunity to discuss what happened at the appointment and to answer any questions.
  • It is immediate so that the client can take it home with them to show to carers etc.
  • It does not take up any report writing time.
  • It avoids delay and costs of using a postal system after an appointment.

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