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Easy Read

Welcome to our Easy Read collection, somewhere to find hearing aid information in a format for those that have difficulty reading standard manuals.


Despite it's name, Easy Read information takes a while to produce, and is unlikely to be 100% perfect for every patient.  The use of pictures can help to explain what text may confuse, and we're happy to offer our Easy Read sheets for you to download and improve your communication options.


The following information sheets are in PDF format to enable easy printing and can be read by e-readers and tablet apps such as ibooks incase they are needed in electronic form.  Where they may need customising for individuals, such as the use of buttons and controls, they can be printed and the blank areas filled with information as needed.


To preview or download the document, click on the image.  You can save to a PC using the "File>Save as" command, or on a tablet by pressing on the page and then selecting the save option (E.g on iPad this will bring up, "Open in iBooks").


We hope you find them a useful resource and welcome submission of any Easy Read information you can share with us to grow our content.

Hearing aid Information cover sheet

If you plan on using a selection of our Easy Read information, you can download this cover sheet so the patient can keep it all together, with sections easy to find.

Hearing aid Instructions

Our hearing aid instructions are available in both ear mould and slim tube versions for a variety of hearing aids.  They include the most important information for use on page 1, with optional pages 2 and 3 for beeps, buttons, controls and the loop system.  Simply print off and fill in the sections which you have customised.

Oticon Synergy mini bte 85


Oticon Synergy mini bte 85

Ear mould

Oticon Synergy BTE 85/13 &100/P


Oticon Synergy BTE 85/13 &100/P

Ear mould

Oticon Safari 600SP

Ear mould

Phonak Nios H2o

Ear mould

How to insert you ear mould

Hearing aid Cleaning

There is cleaning information for either slim tube (2 page) or ear moulds.  As it is difficult to condense this to single sheets, they should be used alongside demonstration/explanation.

Slimtube cleaning

Ear mould cleaning

Hearing aid Care

Here you'll find explanation of how to retube an ear mould and how to remeasure the tube for your ear.

Replacing tubing

Remeasuring tubing

Hearing aid batteries

This information sheet can act as simple instructions for receiving new NHS batteries.  The location of the patient's nearest clinic can be added after printing.  If you have a different arrangement in your area, you may find it useful to create your own sheet using this as an example?

Easy Read Information from External sources

The British Tinnitus Association

With the aid of a grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All scheme, the BTA have been able to publish four leaflets in Easy Read format.


The titles available in Easy Read are:

∗ All about tinnitus
∗ Hearing aids and tinnitus
∗ Self help for tinnitus
∗ Tinnitus services
Email the BTA on info@tinnitus.org.uk to request your copies, or call them on 0114 250 9933.

More info https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/Blog/easy-read-information


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