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A group for professionals with a shared interest in improving hearing services for adults with learning disabilities

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Are you a professional working with adults with learning disabilities and hearing loss?


Are you interested in improving your service?


Would you like to share best practice?


Would you like to get involved in projects or join in the discussion?


If so, we'd love you to join us! HaLD is free to join, with no cost or subscription. It is only open to professionals working in the UK at the present time.

We discuss services, best practice and share our thoughts on improvements. To become a member, we only ask for some basic information to ensure other members can connect with you and we can communicate as a group. We currently share and discuss via email, so the conversation is always easy to find and follow in your inbox. If you wish to join, please use the contact form below.

In the message section, please tell us your work post code. This will allow us to the map the location of members, and create local networks. We ask that you use your work email to ensure all members are practising professionals.

If you are a member of the public, you are unable to join the group at the present time, but are still welcome to contact HaLD using the form below. You may also find “The Basics” section of the website useful.



Temporary note:

We apologise but have become aware that the contact form may not always work successfully at the moment.  Please use our email to contact us while we aim to correct the problem.



Thank you

Not ready to join but want to follow our news?

From time to time we'll make announcements or highlight new content from our resources and easy read sections. If you want to know what we're up to, please choose a way to follow us:



You can also sign up to our newsletter, which will condense recent updates into one easy to read email.


Local networks

By disclosing your work post code when joining the group, you're enabling us to create a members’ map. We hope by finding others close by, you'll be encouraged to make contact and work together.

Some of our members have agreed to be “Contacts” across the UK to help facilitate this. If you want to get involved as a Contact, please get in touch with us.

We already know of fledgling groups in the North East of England and in Essex where the local services are meeting to learn from one another. Why not see who you can meet through our group?

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Sponsorship and Donations

As a voluntary committee run group, everything you see on the website and can join in with is only possible thanks to the time and effort given by our members.  We are not a business or a charity, and we choose to avoid advertising on our website so that the information you want to find is unaffected by logos and pop up banners.


However, some costs are inevitable (such as website hosting and meeting costs). If you find our website useful and wish to get involved with sponsorship / donations and other support, we would be very happy to hear from you. Please contact the group via the email address or using our contact form.


Thank you, from all at HaLD.


Email: haldgroup@gmail.com

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