Test instructions

There are 5 different ways to present the test stimuli:-  photographs, line, drawings, objects, symbols, written words.

To do the test you will first need to select the materials that are best for the person being tested. – With some people you may wish to use a combination of mediums.

A. Selecting the test words

  1. Choose the set of cards most appropriate to the individual:
    • photographs
    • line, drawings
    • symbols or
    • written words
  2. Get the person to name each of the stimuli and eliminate those pictures/words/etc that are not named with the correct word. e.g. if the stimulus word is “tap” but the person names it “water” then eliminate the stimulus from the set.
  3. Eliminate those with non matching vowels (due to variation in regional accent)
  4. Delete the words that will not be used in the test from the score sheet.

B. Carrying out the test:

  1. Using the test set pictures ask the person to “Show me the ………”. It is essential to use this carrier sentence for each word tested because this provides the transitional cues which are lost if the word is said in isolation. It is also important NOT to pause between the words ”the..” and the test word because this too will effect the auditory cues.
  2. Record the response on the record sheet.

C. Object test:

When to use the test:

  • Can be used with people who only respond to objects
  • Can be used with the other test materials as a shortened test

For a print out of instructions click on the link: HALD speech Discrimination test instructions

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