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We hope to add our own videos and content to this page in future, alongside useful videos created by external sources.


There are a lot of resources online and below is just a small handful of what we think can help those that need access to this information.  Please note we are not linked to any organisation or product that may be advertised in this content and we display it here for your information only.

Process of Hearing Animation



How your ear works - Inside the Human Body: Building Your Brain


Glue ear: an animation

NHS Choices

What is autism?

The National Autistic Society

Fitting and maintaining a hearing aid - A Chesterfield Royal Hospital guide

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Getting to know your hearing aids

C2Hear Online


How the Cochlear™ Baha® Connect System Works

Cochlear Americas

How Cochlear Implants Work

Cochlear Americas

Who uses Makaton?

The Makaton Charity