Next meeting


HaLD Re-Launch – Wednesday 18th May 2016 at BILD, Birmingham


Last summer, a survey was sent to members with this in mind, providing an opportunity for all engaged with HaLD to share their views.

The survey revealed that although around 150 people are registered with HaLD, far fewer members are actively engaged in attending meetings or contributing in other ways. Though geographical location of meetings was one commonly cited reason, it also seemed like an ideal opportunity to refocus as a group. The main strength of HaLD is the experience and enthusiasm of members and it is important to ensure this is maximised moving forward.

With that in mind, our next meeting in May 2016 will be a “Re-Launch of HaLD”, with more focus on involvement, awareness raising, projects and research. HaLD SIG will be the overarching term for the group, which will now have a core team (committee) and a variety of working groups.

Members may want to be part of a working group only, the committee only, or both. Working groups are likely to change more frequently than committee members as projects are completed.


Future Meetings

Members surveyed wanted 6 monthly contact, but were undecided whether the meetings should be held in a central location, or would circulate around the UK. Therefore there will now be an annual face to face meeting each year for the HaLD committee and working groups and an e-HaLD meeting 6 months later. This online event will link education and the working groups, with presentations from international speakers, working group updates etc.

 We are aware that there may be current HaLD members who are new to working with adults with learning disabilities and are keen to develop their practice before becoming involved with the HaLD working groups. We would suggest these individuals consider attending Sheffield Teaching Hospitals annual “From Finding to Fitting” course (next running September 2016). We would hope that after attending this course and gaining confidence, individuals may then wish to get involved nationally through the HaLD working groups.


What next?

HaLD will be officially re-launched at the next meeting: Wednesday 18th May at BILD in Birmingham. This event is free of charge and includes lunch and refreshments, kindly sponsored by Starkey Hearing Technologies. It is your opportunity to learn more about the future of HaLD and to get involved in the committee or projects. Have a look at the agenda and send booking details to as soon as possible.


Places are limited, so don’t hesitate – book now!