Privacy Policy and Website use

This policy outlines how HaLD intend to use this website to build a community of professionals working with people with hearing and learning disabilities. It may be updated without warning although the fundamental content will remain the same. Please check back in future if you have any questions this policy may answer, or email if you have further questions.
The content delivered by this website has been produced by members of HaLD or with the permission of guest contributors, both written and pictorial. All images used are used with their owner’s permission or if unable to clarify ownership, this permission has been sought before their use in good faith. If you believe that any content is used without permission please contact HaLD and we will be happy to look into it. Content posted in the forums and by members of HaLD should also adhere to this policy and it is understood that this content is owned by that person.
Privacy and security:
All reasonable measures are taken to ensure your details are safe if you use this website. The group is staffed by volunteers who do not have the knowledge of those running large commercial websites and so while every effort is made to keep details safe, please consider this risk and only post what you are happy to share. We will not ask for details we do not need, will never sell or pass your details on to anyone else, and your details will only be used to help our communications with you as a member. Our registration process currently asks for a phone number and strategic health authority but neither of these fields are necessary and will be removed when possible.
It is common knowledge that cookies are files used by computers to help remember certain details of which pages you visit in order to make navigating the site easier. This may include remembering your password for easier login in future. This website may use cookies in accordance with the terms of wordpress websites on which it is built.

Links to other websites:
If you click on an external link within our site that takes you to a different website we cannot be held responsible for the content displayed or your protection while visiting that site. The websites we post links to are done so with the hope of sharing useful information and resources that we think may be of benefit to our members, but we do not have control whether this information is changed in future so exercise caution especially if the link was posted a long time ago.

This policy was last checked 20/06/16.