Short test / screening tool

Object test or short test

When to use the test:

  • Can be used with people who only respond to objects
  • Can be used with the other test materials as a shortened test


Norms cannot be suggested for this test because you cannot be certain that the errors are due to hearing impairment and not understanding. We therefore suggest that each person should be measured against his or her previous performance on the test for example with and without lip reading cues or before and after the person is fitted with a hearing aid.

  • Select the objects that are in the person’s vocabulary
  • Using the test object ask the person to “Show me the ………”. It is essential to use this carrier sentence for each word tested because this provides the transitional cues which are lost if the word is said in isolation. It is also important NOT to pause between the words ”the..” and the test word because this too will effect the auditory cues.
  • Record the response on the record sheet.

To download instructions and score sheet click link: Object test or short test

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