Test cards – photographs, symbols, line drawings and words

Features of this test

In order to accommodate a wide range of different abilities and preferences we have developed the test materials in a range of different formats with a very wide range of vocabulary from which to choose from. This enables the tester to individualise the test by selecting only words that are known to the person being tested and using materials that are familiar to them.

The test cards come in 4 different formats and these can be downloaded and printed from the links below:

The test stimuli contain commonly used nouns – some of which are likely to be known to person

  • The words are arranged in sets of similar sounding words covering sounds across the range of speech frequencies
  • The materials allow the tester to select test words from a large group of words. This provides the following advantages:
    • It gives the flexibility to accommodate different regional accents
    • Flexibility to select stimuli appropriate to individualise vocabulary suitable to each person
  • Objects can also be used for a shortened test

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